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Cloud Storage Vs Cloud Backup: What’s The Difference?

Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup. Aren’t they both the same? The statement is just one of the many misconceptions or myths regarding online backup. Public-private-Hybrid cloud infrastructure has narrowed the lines between cloud storage and cloud backup, making it hard to distinguish between the two. In fact, some even use the terms interchangeably. Even though …

Joint Solution Brief- Zmanda + Wasabi

Joint Solution Brief | Zmanda + Wasabi

Zmanda and Wasabi are teaming up to provide best-in-class solutions to our customers. Learn more about the partnership and how to use Zmanda with Wasabi in our knowledge base article here. Want to partner with Zmanda? Click here to learn more about our partnership opportunities.

Importance Of Cloud Backup for Enterprise

Top 5 Powerful Benefits of Cloud Backup for Enterprise

Hands down, Cloud backup is hastily becoming the go-to method for organizations to back up data. It is significantly more efficient & effective when compared to other options. There has been an improvement in data backup and recovery methods over the past few years. However, these methods are not yet at a level where you …

Top Backup Strategies to Ensure Data Security on the Cloud

Top Backup Strategies to Ensure Data Security on the Cloud

Have you been confronted with data backup challenges on the Cloud yet? Every enterprise does at some point. The challenge of data security on the cloud has become “essential” one that needs to be addressed and require consistent time and resources. Usually, data is generated and stored in multiple locations and formats, which makes data …

Cloud-Based Data Backup

Ready for the Next Gen Cloud-Based Data Backup and Recovery?

In this brave new world of online computing, accessibility to cloud services is one of the most groundbreaking developments. With the amount of data increasing exponentially, so is the risk related to data loss. Indeed, there are many options like traditional backups with companies to back up their valuable data. But still, they opt for …