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Backup to Amazon S3

Backup to Amazon S3

Zmanda’s mission is to ensure that our customers can always recover their data while making backup simple, secure and cost-effective. Amazon Simple Storage Service ( Amazon S3) fits perfectly with this mission. In addition to traditional backup to disk and tape, Amanda Enterprise can now use Amazon S3 to backup, archive and retrieve any amount …

SQL Server

Near-Continuous Data Protection (CDP) of SQL Server

With version 4.5, ZCB now supports incremental (log-based) backups of SQL Server. This helps a great deal since log backups contain a list of all the individual changes to the database, and hence, provide an ability to restore the database to any historic timestamp, regardless of the actual backup time. Why do we call this near-CDP and not …

Tape Backup with Amanda

Amanda and Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) Backup Tape Rotation

The GFS tape rotation scheme is a popular method of maintaining backups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The primary purpose of the GFS scheme is to suggest a minimum standard and consistent interval at which to rotate and retire the media. In general, GFS tape backup schemes are based on a seven-day weekly schedule beginning …