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Partnership Press Release

Press Release: Zmanda Announces Two New Partnerships in Malaysia and Argentina

Denver, CO – October 14, 2019 – Zmanda Backup and Recovery is starting October off with a bang by introducing two new reseller partnerships, Zeeb and ITDix. Just as Zmanda has been working to develop a strong open-source community, they have been working just as hard to build strong partnerships in the enterprise backup community, …


Press Release: Zmanda Announces Partnership with ABYRES

Zmanda announces a new strategic partnership with ABYRES, a leading Enterprise Open Source Solution Provider, focused on delivering reliable open-source backup that has been proven to save tens of thousands of dollars in backup costs. This partnership will benefit the open-source community while allowing more opportunities to the Zmanda customer base in Malaysia. It will …

Rutgers Case Study

Rutgers Case Study: How the University Saved Tens of Thousands of Dollars

Rutgers Case Study: How the University Saved Tens of Thousands of Dollars Using Zmanda Saving money for server backups is a high priority; at least that was the case for Rutgers University when they started to explore server backup options. Zmanda came to the rescue. Rutgers University saved tens of thousands of dollars by implementing …

Zmanda Recovery Manager

Zmanda Recovery Manager- Quick Start-Up Guide

Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL Features Abstract: MySQL is one of the most common and versatile database engines. ZRM Enterprise provides global backup and recovery management for MySQL servers. In addition to its command line and configuration file interface, ZRM for MySQL also includes the Zmanda Management Console for MySQL (ZMC). The ZMC is a …


Introduction to Amanda Enterprise | Quick Start Guide

This paper provides a technical overview of Amanda Enterprise. It describes the design and operations of Amanda Enterprise and how it is unique in its ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. Find the PDF downloadable version here. Check out the ZRM startup guide too!